Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Color choosing skills
 Different colors will bring you different moods. If you want to live a relaxing life. Remember the following advice:
Red is an irritant color to give you a feeling of burning. It is a color that represents passion. But you can not use too much red as well, or you will easily feel stressed and anxious, which tend to make you feel tired. So you must control the amount of red well.

    Yellow is the color that everyone firstly sees when he is born. It represents health. Why does it look so bright? Because it can be absorb the most easily in the spectrum.

Orange is another color that stands for warmth. It can create energy and make you eager for food. Meanwhile, it also represents health and a color of mature and happiness.


  Green is a color that makes you feel steady and comfortable, also peaceful. It represents positive and energy of the youth. Natural green also plays an important role in syncope, fatigue, nausea.

Pink: is the best interpretation of gentle. It is the mixture of the red and white colors, and is very clear and bright.

On the one hand, blue is a fancy color. On the other hand, it is also a very serious color. This strong color, in a way, can hide the shortcomings of this color. It is a color that can be matched easily. Blue environment makes people feel tranquil and peaceful.

Brown is a color that can be matched the most easily. It can absorb lights of any color. It is a color of peace and comforter. You can use it in your home décor.

Black represents dignity. It is suitable to be matched with white and gold. It works as the role of emphasizing, which can be used in the home safely. In addition, white can make white and gold more shining.

Gray is an extremely easy-going color. It has the diversity of any color to be matched with. So when the colors do not fit, you can reconcile them with the grey. Grey can be regarded as representative of the intermediate colors. 

White can reflect all the light with the feeling of clean and expansive sense. So when you are decorating your home and the space is very small. You can probably dominated by white, making a more spacious feeling. 

Gold is a deluxe color. It is capable to send a magnificent and brilliant light by itself, so it will bring you a dizzying feeling. 

According to the characteristics of different colors and the feeling that you like, you can choose the colors. Also, size and other factors will affect the choice of color. According what have been talked above. Small rooms had better to choose ivory, beige, sky blue, and then mix with light curtains.

For the bad lighting of the north room, you should use a light yellow and for it is warm, friendly, lively, and increase brightness. White red is the notable one. Now red is widely used in the home, it is no longer a purpose too only red, but rather in adding pink to red, orange and Rose formed natural colors, such as pink, rose red, wine red and people love the new red. These feelings of rich new red is flexibly applied in different spaces, make home color becomes more beautiful, more attractive.

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