Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Modern life with technology

Modern technolodge has brought so many advantages to our daily life. The left picture shows a watch for the blind. They can know what the time is just by touching.

The fish tunk is so useful that you can add water to it directly. The light above can also give them enough light and make it easier to watch and feed them.

Imagine sit on such a modern boat with your family in summer. You can enjou the sunlight, the cool water and the natural view. How wonderful!

The invisible keyboard make it possible for you to use computer wherever you are. You needn't carry the heavy keyboard when you want to another place and wnat to use the computer.

Put your hands on the surface of the tap, then water will drop down. You no longer need to turn on the button as usual.

Put the swimming pool in the sea. Have you ever imagined such an ideal picture? Nothing would be better than enjoy the nature.

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