Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Modern life with technology

Modern technolodge has brought so many advantages to our daily life. The left picture shows a watch for the blind. They can know what the time is just by touching.

The fish tunk is so useful that you can add water to it directly. The light above can also give them enough light and make it easier to watch and feed them.

Imagine sit on such a modern boat with your family in summer. You can enjou the sunlight, the cool water and the natural view. How wonderful!

The invisible keyboard make it possible for you to use computer wherever you are. You needn't carry the heavy keyboard when you want to another place and wnat to use the computer.

Put your hands on the surface of the tap, then water will drop down. You no longer need to turn on the button as usual.

Put the swimming pool in the sea. Have you ever imagined such an ideal picture? Nothing would be better than enjoy the nature.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Backyard flowers

Backyard is where we can relax and have a get-togethet with our friends and family. Design it well to make it a quiet place for you to enjoy yourself.

Meanwhile, you cna also set some small buildings for you to have a rest and make it more attractive.

If you like plants and flowers. You can choose what you like there. It can reduce the stress you have.

It is also a good place to have a perty with your friends. If is decorated well, backyard party will be more lively than a indoor one.

If is possible, you can make your house be around your plants and trees. You can breath fresh air everyday.

When it is hot and you feel it uncomfortablr to stay indoor. You can sit in your backyard. It is good for your health.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Lovely car is loved by both men and women. How cool and comfortable to sit on it!

Car has made our life much more convenient and in a faster pace.

Even cars are useful. We shouldprotect  environment!

Cars is now produces for women, including the color, shape and size.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ice cream world!

 Do you also like different kinds of ice creams like me? They both look attractive and taste delicious!

It is the chocolate ice cream. If you like chocolate, you can choose it. As we konw, firls will easily get fat. Control the amount.

Nowdays, when we go to a party. We will always be treated by delicious ice cream. Ice cream is welcome by different ages of people.

Many female say that they want to eat ice cream when they are not ina good mood. They want to eat ice cream help them forget the unhappy things. Ice cream can help them spend the sad days.

When you are free at the weekend, you can also make delicious ice cream fot=r your family members.

If the weather is not high, remember not to eat too much ice cream. If you want to make ice cream by yourself, you can add the materials according to your habits.


This kind of ice cream has more than one tastes. It is suitable for those who wnat to eat all tastes they for one time.