Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Bedroom is one of the main places in a house to provide you with a place to sleep and have a good rest. Beside the function for you to sleep, bedroom also has some assistant functions. For example, it can be used to store your clothes and other living stuff. Meanwhile, you can read books, make up and watch TV in it. A better decorated bedroom will has more assistant functions.
From the different functions, your bedroom can be divided into different districts and you can set different things in different district. For the sleeping district, there are mainly your bed and bedside table. Wardrobe is mainly the place for your clothes. If your living area is very big, you can also separate a place as storeroom. In the learning and recreational area, you can put a sofa and table for you to relax. If you want to do some easy tasks in your bedroom, you can place a writing table and a small bookcase. Someone also wants to watch TV in the bedroom, then he can put a TV bench in it. The dresser is another important part for the bedroom. You can choose a dresser with the style that you like.
The lights in a bedroom are used for weak lightening. The most important roles they play are as tools to create a romantic environment as well as beautiful decorations. You can set a main light. If you like to read books before going to bed, you need a brighter bedside lamp, however, the lamp can not be too bright, or you will affect others’ sleep.
Generally speaking, bedroom focuses on warmth. So you must reduce the use of stone materials which will make your bedroom looks cold and less attracting.
Soft adornment
The windows of a bedroom are sometimes very big, so a beautiful curtain is the main decoration. Then are some soft stuff, such as the blanket, wall paper and other soft things. The air of your bedroom must be fresh and can move freely and there must be enough sunshine. You can put some fresh flowers to help you sleep and also beautify your bedroom.
The above are the main bedroom in your house. There are also some other bedrooms for the old, for the young and also for your guests. Different bedrooms have different functions and you can choose different materials to decorate it. What you need do is choose the most suitable style and decoration stuff for different bedrooms.
What king of bedrooms do you want? 

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