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Different indoor plants, different functions

Different indoor plants, different functions

Different plants can bring different advantages to you. Getting to know their advantages, choosing the plant that suits your demands

The plants indoor will release carbon dioxide at night, so you had better not place the plants in your bedroom. You should plant some plants which have strong abilities to adapt the living environment, otherwise they will die easily.
If you have got a computer in your room, you can put cactus beside it because cactus can absorb radiation to make you safer to be in front of the computer. 
As is reported, some plants can fresh the air indoor, however, some of them can also bring some side effects to us. Thus, you had better not put any plants in your bedroom. For example, rose flowers can absorb a good amount of harmful gas but the thick smell it emits will make you feel it hard to breath. Tulip can absorb the volatility chemical gas but the flowers contain a kind of toxin. If someone eat them carelessly, it will be very dangerous.
The advantages and disadvantages of planting flowers indoor

Many of us like to planting flowers in our rooms. If you want, pay attention to the flowers you are going to plant. Plants need to process photosynthesis. Because the indoor light is very weak, their reparation are stronger than their photosynthesis. If you plant too many flowers indoor, the oxygen will be less and the carbon dioxide will increase which will not be healthy for you. You can open your window to let fresh air in after you return from work to reduce carbon oxide. If your house is newly decorated, you can choose some plants to keep the air fresh. Bracket-plant is very good at protecting the environment. It is reported to be the best poison-absorption plant which can absorb a good amount of harmful gas to keep you safe.
Orchid can release some kind of smell which will cause insomnia if you smell it for a long time.
Therefore, if you want to plant flowers or plants indoor, you must choose a good kind of plant. The best choice is the evergreen flowers around the four seasons. Beside that, you can also choose the one that can absorb the harmful gas
Meanwhile, you also can not choose two kinds of plants that will be harmful to each other. For example, mignonette can not be planted with rose. If being planted together, mignonette will languish very quickly and before it languish completely, it will release some kind of substance which will lead the rose to death. There are many examples like this.
After reading this article, maybe you have a better understanding of plant trees. When you want to plant some, choose the most suitable and healthful for you and your room!

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