Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Silk beddings, really so amazing?

Silk beddings really so amazing?

Silk belongs to the protein fibers. Silk contains up to 18 kinds of healthful amino acids which can help maintain metabolism of lipid membrane on the surface of the skin. After using silk bedding, you can keep your skin moist and smooth. With the advantages of smooth, soft, strong hygroscopicity and good ventilation, silk is referred to as "fiber Queen". With its unique charm, silk bedding has won people’s favor from all ages.

Thus selecting pure high-quality silk beddings and experiencing their smooth texture, good breathability and 100% natural protein fibers on the skin. Its delicate care for your skin can bring you higher-quality sleep.

In addition, it can help maintain metabolism of lipid membrane on the surface of the skin, this will also keep the skin moist and smooth.

Silk fabric has good moisture absorption. In the summer, it can be faster to take away people's sweat, you will have sense of cool, smooth and therefore especially suitable for the persons who are suffering from pruritus.

Real silk can greatly absorb ultraviolet, which can protect the skin from damages. It was reported that long-term bedridden suffers with a bedsore. If being treated with silk sheets, silk nightwear and silk dressing, their pain will be eased greatly. Meanwhile, you can ease the absorption and evaporation of the water, keep the affected area clean and speed up the healing of an open sore. So many good, hurry to try it!

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