Thursday, December 27, 2012

The advantages of silk nightwear

The advantages of silk nightwear

The advantages of wearing nightwear when sleeping

Wearing nightwear will help you sleep better and make it easier for you fall asleep. Some nightwear which is very smooth and soft will make you feel comfortable when wearing. It will promote to your sleep quality. So you must pay attention to choosing the nightwear of high quality to keep yourself complete and good sleep.
Meanwhile, when you sleep, you pores are open so you are easily to get touch with cold air if you do not wear nightwear. You will be more likely to be ill. We know we have to touch with all kinds of things and some of them may contain virus. It will be cleaner to wear nightwear.
Especially for the old, they are much weaker then the young, so they must be protected well even when they are sleeping. 

The advantages of silk nightwear
Pure silk plays an important role in dealing with some skin diseases
The doctor of traditional Chinese thinks that silk sexual flavour symplectic, flat, non-toxic, into the heart, liver, spleen, lung four meridians. Make the natural material into Close-fitting clothes can help to prevent and cure skin diseases. Silk has 18 amino acids which are healthful for our body. Pure silk clothing close to the skin can promote the veability of our cells and anti-aging.
Silk can prevent vascular sclerosis and has anti-aging function which can help maintain the surface skin smooth. Silk can keep skin moist, smooth. Lots of beautiful ladies like to wear silk pajamas(underwear) and when sleeping, they also like to use pure silk pillowcase which help their body keep healthy and their skin smooth and shining.
The anti-Ultraviolet Rays effects
Pure silk can also prevent our body from being hurt by the solar ultraviolet. The white silk the silkworms produced will gradually turn to yellow with the irradiation of ultraviolet. The reason is that silk absorbs the ultraviolet from the sun. Medical common sense tells us that too much ultraviolet is harmful for our body so we can protect from the ultraviolet by wearing clothes made of pure silk. Moreover, pure silk is also fire resistant and can protect you from fore.
As what has been discussed above, we had better wear nightwear when sleeping and should be careful with the materials because our skin touches with them directly. Silk is nothing but a good choice for your body and your skin. Now days, it is colder and colder. Our skin is much drier than usual. We have to protect it better. Silk can make our skin moisture and it contains as many as 18 amino acids to provide for our skin. Even in winter, your skin can also be moisture when you choosing silk clothes. 
Christmas is coming, maybe you are considering what to choose for gifts for your family members, relatives and friends. Maybe you can choose something of silk. The best thing they want to receive is health, don’t they? 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Different indoor plants, different functions

Different indoor plants, different functions

Different plants can bring different advantages to you. Getting to know their advantages, choosing the plant that suits your demands

The plants indoor will release carbon dioxide at night, so you had better not place the plants in your bedroom. You should plant some plants which have strong abilities to adapt the living environment, otherwise they will die easily.
If you have got a computer in your room, you can put cactus beside it because cactus can absorb radiation to make you safer to be in front of the computer. 
As is reported, some plants can fresh the air indoor, however, some of them can also bring some side effects to us. Thus, you had better not put any plants in your bedroom. For example, rose flowers can absorb a good amount of harmful gas but the thick smell it emits will make you feel it hard to breath. Tulip can absorb the volatility chemical gas but the flowers contain a kind of toxin. If someone eat them carelessly, it will be very dangerous.
The advantages and disadvantages of planting flowers indoor

Many of us like to planting flowers in our rooms. If you want, pay attention to the flowers you are going to plant. Plants need to process photosynthesis. Because the indoor light is very weak, their reparation are stronger than their photosynthesis. If you plant too many flowers indoor, the oxygen will be less and the carbon dioxide will increase which will not be healthy for you. You can open your window to let fresh air in after you return from work to reduce carbon oxide. If your house is newly decorated, you can choose some plants to keep the air fresh. Bracket-plant is very good at protecting the environment. It is reported to be the best poison-absorption plant which can absorb a good amount of harmful gas to keep you safe.
Orchid can release some kind of smell which will cause insomnia if you smell it for a long time.
Therefore, if you want to plant flowers or plants indoor, you must choose a good kind of plant. The best choice is the evergreen flowers around the four seasons. Beside that, you can also choose the one that can absorb the harmful gas
Meanwhile, you also can not choose two kinds of plants that will be harmful to each other. For example, mignonette can not be planted with rose. If being planted together, mignonette will languish very quickly and before it languish completely, it will release some kind of substance which will lead the rose to death. There are many examples like this.
After reading this article, maybe you have a better understanding of plant trees. When you want to plant some, choose the most suitable and healthful for you and your room!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The world outside is full od mystery and excitement. Be near to nature, be bear to the freedom!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Silk beddings, really so amazing?

Silk beddings really so amazing?

Silk belongs to the protein fibers. Silk contains up to 18 kinds of healthful amino acids which can help maintain metabolism of lipid membrane on the surface of the skin. After using silk bedding, you can keep your skin moist and smooth. With the advantages of smooth, soft, strong hygroscopicity and good ventilation, silk is referred to as "fiber Queen". With its unique charm, silk bedding has won people’s favor from all ages.

Thus selecting pure high-quality silk beddings and experiencing their smooth texture, good breathability and 100% natural protein fibers on the skin. Its delicate care for your skin can bring you higher-quality sleep.

In addition, it can help maintain metabolism of lipid membrane on the surface of the skin, this will also keep the skin moist and smooth.

Silk fabric has good moisture absorption. In the summer, it can be faster to take away people's sweat, you will have sense of cool, smooth and therefore especially suitable for the persons who are suffering from pruritus.

Real silk can greatly absorb ultraviolet, which can protect the skin from damages. It was reported that long-term bedridden suffers with a bedsore. If being treated with silk sheets, silk nightwear and silk dressing, their pain will be eased greatly. Meanwhile, you can ease the absorption and evaporation of the water, keep the affected area clean and speed up the healing of an open sore. So many good, hurry to try it!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Six small decoration inspirations

Home decoration is a hot topic for we all want to make our rooms look unique and outstanding. The following tips can help you during the process.

1. Design the cloakroom near the door
In our daily life, change our clothes before going out and after coming back home can’t be too common. If there is  a room beside the door, you can do like this, set a cloakroom at the entrance, in which you can put some clothes, shoes, umbrellas, backpacks and anything else which is for common use. You can creatively set a large mirror lying out of cloakroom.
2. Use the blinds to adjust the light
 Most of us take it for granted that using curtains is the only way to adjust sunshine inside. However, custom-built shutters can also work. The advantage of blinds is that angle of the blinds can adjust the light indoor. High-quality blinds are both practical and beautiful, saving the expense of a curtain.
3. Hide water dispenser and other small electrical appliances
 Beside air conditioning, how to display frequently used electrical appliances, such as drinking fountains and small TV set is also a big problem. The homeowner can design a show shelf, according to the sizes of the appliances, design their sizes in advance, so that the appliance can be easily put in to create a great-looking visual effects.
4. Make use of the store room downstairs
  In a compound structure, we can make full of the room downstairs as long as ensure the premise of the stairs bearing. You can set a bar counter to make it a place to store wine. In addition, we can also put some stuff that are not for frequently use.
5.  Paint the wall with the same style as the door
Actually, harmonious is needed not only in sitting-room. Each corner I your house needs to be perfect. You can use the same wallpaper to decorate the wall and the door in the wall. Then if you close the door, the entire wall is a completely part in appearance. What an amazing visual effect! Only when the door is open, one can find the unique character.
6. Use the in-wall toilet
 With the gradually increasing bedroom area, many people have improved the decoration demands of the bedroom. How to create a beautiful and clean bathroom? In-wall toilets are being used by more and more people. Put the water part of the toilet installed into the wall. On the outside part of the wall, we can use stainless steel design. In this way the bathroom would look modern and advanced!

Do you think the advice useful and practical? If so, you can have a try.

Friday, December 14, 2012

What fruit to eat in winter?

What fruit to eat in winter?

In our daily life, many of us like eating fruits. In winter, it is cold and dry, when choosing fruits we should consider more carefully to pick up the right ones.
If you are doing a hard job and need to think over a lot of hard problems, eat some

Worry too much: bananas
Thinking too much, the vitamin, mineral substance and energy in your body will reduce rapidly. You can eat some bananas from time to time. Banana is a very magical fruit that it can not only give your brain a good rest and can keep you in a good mood. The nutrients in a banana can make you happy and free from some trouble. If you are the one that have to use your brain frequently, then banana is a good choice.
Using eyes too much: papaya
If you are a office worker and have to sit in front a computer all day long and have to use your eyes for the whole day, then you can eat some papayas. Using your eyes for a long time, you will lose a lot of vitamin A. You will feel your eyes are dry and find it painful some time. Meanwhile, your eyesight will be poorer and poorer. At this point, you have to eat some papayas to get vitamin A.

Bleeding gums: kiwi fruit
If you have bleeding gums, it mans that there is something wrong with your health and you should pay attention to adjust your body. Bleeding gums is connected to vitamin C closely and your gums are much weaker than before. Kiwi fruit has a lot of vitamin c and is healthful for your teeth.
Smoking too much: grape
I f smoke from time to time, you will have a large amount of poison in your body. As a result, some function of your body will be worse than before. You should eat some grapes because grape can improve cell metabolism rate and help your lunge to release some poison. It is good for the smokers to feel better after years of smoking.

Muscle strain: pineapple
If your muscle is strain carelessly, you will see the part is red and painful. The bromelain in a pineapple can help the recovery of your muscle as a high speed and you will feel better after eating it.

Prevent skin wrinkles: mango
If your skin has a Collagen elastic shortage, then it is easily to have some wrinkles. Mango is the best fruit to prevent your skin from wrinkles because mango has rich some substances to stimulate the energy of your skin cells to release the waste out. SO mango can reduce your speed of aging effectively.
Blood oxygen shortage: cherry
If you are easily to be tired, then there must be something wrong with Fe content in the blood, oxygen application shortage and impede blood circulation. Eating cherry can complement the Fe in your body and it contains rich vitamin c to promote the absorption of Fe. You will feel less tired and will be healthier after eating cherry regularly for a period of time.

The above are some common problems in our daily life. If you have the same experience as one of the above, then you can choose the fruit that is suitable for you. Eating fruit is a relaxing and enjoyable way to treat some small pains. Health is what we are pursuing