Monday, December 17, 2012

Six small decoration inspirations

Home decoration is a hot topic for we all want to make our rooms look unique and outstanding. The following tips can help you during the process.

1. Design the cloakroom near the door
In our daily life, change our clothes before going out and after coming back home can’t be too common. If there is  a room beside the door, you can do like this, set a cloakroom at the entrance, in which you can put some clothes, shoes, umbrellas, backpacks and anything else which is for common use. You can creatively set a large mirror lying out of cloakroom.
2. Use the blinds to adjust the light
 Most of us take it for granted that using curtains is the only way to adjust sunshine inside. However, custom-built shutters can also work. The advantage of blinds is that angle of the blinds can adjust the light indoor. High-quality blinds are both practical and beautiful, saving the expense of a curtain.
3. Hide water dispenser and other small electrical appliances
 Beside air conditioning, how to display frequently used electrical appliances, such as drinking fountains and small TV set is also a big problem. The homeowner can design a show shelf, according to the sizes of the appliances, design their sizes in advance, so that the appliance can be easily put in to create a great-looking visual effects.
4. Make use of the store room downstairs
  In a compound structure, we can make full of the room downstairs as long as ensure the premise of the stairs bearing. You can set a bar counter to make it a place to store wine. In addition, we can also put some stuff that are not for frequently use.
5.  Paint the wall with the same style as the door
Actually, harmonious is needed not only in sitting-room. Each corner I your house needs to be perfect. You can use the same wallpaper to decorate the wall and the door in the wall. Then if you close the door, the entire wall is a completely part in appearance. What an amazing visual effect! Only when the door is open, one can find the unique character.
6. Use the in-wall toilet
 With the gradually increasing bedroom area, many people have improved the decoration demands of the bedroom. How to create a beautiful and clean bathroom? In-wall toilets are being used by more and more people. Put the water part of the toilet installed into the wall. On the outside part of the wall, we can use stainless steel design. In this way the bathroom would look modern and advanced!

Do you think the advice useful and practical? If so, you can have a try.

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