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Bedding cleaning skills

Bedding cleaning skills

Summary: There are many different kinds of bedding in the market. If you have different kinds of bedding, you should know the way to clean the bedding correctly. Make sure you are clear of the quality of different kinds of bedding.

At the beginning: Silk bedding
More and more people have realized the huge advantages of natural silk bedding. They have owned silk bedding and then the important thing is to maintain them in the right way. You should wash the pure silk bedding with the water of normal temperature. You can add a little vinegar into the water to increase the gloss of the silk bedding. According to my own appearance, I have bought from LilySilk. It is really natural and there are clear description there.

Secondly: At the beginning: Cotton fabrics
Cotton fabric bedding has a long history too. Many people still use them now days. Maybe you are clear of the way to clean cotton bedding according to your experience. When cleaning cotton fabric beddings, you should pull some detergent into the water first and waiting until all the detergent has melt completely. Then you can put your bedding in to soak. The time should be limited less than half an hour. Also, the water temperature can not be above than 40. Make sure to separate the light color and deep color from each other to avoid dyeing.

Thirdly: the wool fabrics
There are not so many wool bedding in the market. However, many of our clothes, especially in winter, are made of wool. Thus it is also important to know how to clean it. You must wash the wool beddings with normal temperature water. It can not be soaked for too long time. It can be dry-clean and clean with water. When ironing, the temperature must be neither too high nor too low.

Fourthly: Chemical fabric
Chemical fabric is not as good as what has been discussed above. If your beddings are made of chemical fabric, you must wash them with normal temperature water. With a woolen appearance, then the beddings can not be ironed.

Tips to think over before cleaning
Before washing, make sure to take the detachable lace and pendent down to avoid them being destroyed. Melt the neutral detergent with the water completely first, then separate the deep and light colors from each other. Then soak the beddings, the time cannot be longer than ten minutes. If you soak them for a long time, the dirt will not be cleaned easily.

Lastly, you should use clean water to clean them up. You can add some neutral softener to make them softer. You can only use low temperature to drying
 The wool comforter can not be insolated. When storing them, you can put some insect-resist agents and put them in dry places. You can not put some heavy things to press it.

As what has been described above, we must know the way to clean materials of bedding or clothes. One thing to remember is clean them separately. With the development of the society, we should how to keep ourselves healthy in our daily life. For example, we can choose silk bedding if we can. Silk is the real healthful material of bedding as it is made of silkworm without any pollution from the outside world as the other kinds of materials. As far as I am concerned, one online silk bedding store called LilySilk has so many silk bedding of high quality and made of mulberry silk. Love life, love yourself!

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