Friday, December 14, 2012

What fruit to eat in winter?

What fruit to eat in winter?

In our daily life, many of us like eating fruits. In winter, it is cold and dry, when choosing fruits we should consider more carefully to pick up the right ones.
If you are doing a hard job and need to think over a lot of hard problems, eat some

Worry too much: bananas
Thinking too much, the vitamin, mineral substance and energy in your body will reduce rapidly. You can eat some bananas from time to time. Banana is a very magical fruit that it can not only give your brain a good rest and can keep you in a good mood. The nutrients in a banana can make you happy and free from some trouble. If you are the one that have to use your brain frequently, then banana is a good choice.
Using eyes too much: papaya
If you are a office worker and have to sit in front a computer all day long and have to use your eyes for the whole day, then you can eat some papayas. Using your eyes for a long time, you will lose a lot of vitamin A. You will feel your eyes are dry and find it painful some time. Meanwhile, your eyesight will be poorer and poorer. At this point, you have to eat some papayas to get vitamin A.

Bleeding gums: kiwi fruit
If you have bleeding gums, it mans that there is something wrong with your health and you should pay attention to adjust your body. Bleeding gums is connected to vitamin C closely and your gums are much weaker than before. Kiwi fruit has a lot of vitamin c and is healthful for your teeth.
Smoking too much: grape
I f smoke from time to time, you will have a large amount of poison in your body. As a result, some function of your body will be worse than before. You should eat some grapes because grape can improve cell metabolism rate and help your lunge to release some poison. It is good for the smokers to feel better after years of smoking.

Muscle strain: pineapple
If your muscle is strain carelessly, you will see the part is red and painful. The bromelain in a pineapple can help the recovery of your muscle as a high speed and you will feel better after eating it.

Prevent skin wrinkles: mango
If your skin has a Collagen elastic shortage, then it is easily to have some wrinkles. Mango is the best fruit to prevent your skin from wrinkles because mango has rich some substances to stimulate the energy of your skin cells to release the waste out. SO mango can reduce your speed of aging effectively.
Blood oxygen shortage: cherry
If you are easily to be tired, then there must be something wrong with Fe content in the blood, oxygen application shortage and impede blood circulation. Eating cherry can complement the Fe in your body and it contains rich vitamin c to promote the absorption of Fe. You will feel less tired and will be healthier after eating cherry regularly for a period of time.

The above are some common problems in our daily life. If you have the same experience as one of the above, then you can choose the fruit that is suitable for you. Eating fruit is a relaxing and enjoyable way to treat some small pains. Health is what we are pursuing

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