Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ice cream world!

 Do you also like different kinds of ice creams like me? They both look attractive and taste delicious!

It is the chocolate ice cream. If you like chocolate, you can choose it. As we konw, firls will easily get fat. Control the amount.

Nowdays, when we go to a party. We will always be treated by delicious ice cream. Ice cream is welcome by different ages of people.

Many female say that they want to eat ice cream when they are not ina good mood. They want to eat ice cream help them forget the unhappy things. Ice cream can help them spend the sad days.

When you are free at the weekend, you can also make delicious ice cream fot=r your family members.

If the weather is not high, remember not to eat too much ice cream. If you want to make ice cream by yourself, you can add the materials according to your habits.


This kind of ice cream has more than one tastes. It is suitable for those who wnat to eat all tastes they for one time.

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