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How to decorate your sitting room?

How to decorate your sitting room?

Summary: Sitting room is the first place that others can see when coming to your home for the first time. The impression of your room will be decided mostly by the

appearance of your sitting room. If you design your bedroom uniquely and decorate it differently, others will admire your taste and will like to be your guests as often as possible.

The function of a sitting room has been verified and you can do more things there than before. You can watch TV, read books or magazines, listen to music and even eat your meals there. Thus, we must pay attention to the design and make all the functions can be represented and used.

Almost all of us will set a big sofa in a sitting room for our guests and ourselves to have a rest or just sit on for chatting. The color and shape of the sofa can affect the style of our sitting directly. We must decide which style to adept first and then choose a sofa that is suitable for such a style. The show room is where to represent your characteristics that is different from others and you can put a transparent cabinet there and put some books, your own collections or decorations in it. Te area of the cabinet should be designed according to the whole area of your sitting room.. If your sitting room is not so big, it can be lied on the wall to save more room for other things.  

The types of our bedroom are also different from each other. It can have many kinds of styles and tones. If you choose some soft small lights and mini decorative lightening, your sitting room will look warm and romantic. If you choose some exaggerate colors and types of lights as well as decoration of metal material. Then your sitting room will look distinguished and unique. Someone also just put several round cushions on the floor for your guests. They will feel free and be at home when they come to your home. The following rules should be cared when decorating your bedroom

First: try to your room look bigger
It is very important to make your room look big even it is small actually. The bigger your room looks, the happier and more relaxed others will be. Or they will feel it hard to move easily, let alone have a good time.

Second: try to make your make your bedroom look higher
Sitting room is the mostly used public room for your family. They can whatever they want for entertainment and if is too low, how can they play freely.

Third: try to beautify the views as possible as you can
You should try to make your room look beautiful seeing from any direction or places,
Put some beautiful decorations and pot culture to add the vigor in your sitting room and make the air fresh.

Sitting room is a public room instead of a personal room like a bedroom, you should design it in a way that can be accepted or liked by most of others to make your room more welcome.

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