Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ideal Wedding for Women

 We all want to have a unforgetable wedding for us to remember in the future, en=ven when we are old. We want to wear the most beautiful wedding dress and
 spend the romantic with all our family
 members and friends.

 Wedding cake can not be left oyt for we can have fun and play interesting games when eating it. It also represents the love between the new couple.

A lovely cake can add the atmosphere of love in a wedding ceremony.
Our femele friends is also a important part during the ceremony.

The represent of a promise from today on. They should do whatever they can to keep this promise, to live a happy life, to spend the following days together.

Cool wedding at the seaside, beautiful dress, unforgetable day!

Wedding dress is a must for taht day. White is the mostly chosed color for our dresses and there are also some other colors. The style can be designed as what we like or we can ask others to make a perfect one according to our figure.
So beautiful lights, an atmosphere of romance. It means that they will live together happily from now on, nothing can separate them from each other. A journey of life begins.

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